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Tackling Islamophobia: A short series of lessons Dear Colleagues The fear of Islam and Muslims is a growing problem in society. It may largely be caused by misinformation and misunderstanding, but it is fuelled by a constant negative media portrayal that has been clearly evidenced by numerous bodies of research. (It was the Runnymede Trust that coined the term ‘Islamophobia’ in 1997). This pack is designed around a short series of lessons and aims to help schools and teachers tackle the issue of Islamophobia in an engaging way. It can be used as part of the SMSC curriculum, in RE or citizenship lessons, or enrichment days, for example. Although made up of five units, they can be used in a series or as stand-alone lessons or activities.
  ...is designed to hold the resources to go with these lesson units - both the lessons themselves as well as supporting documents, alternative approaches and links. We intend for it all to be freely distributable and copiable for two reasons: As much as possible can be done on the topic at lowest cost Teachers are able to adapt or tweak material as they see fit
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